The Three Musketeers: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. All For Love Featuring: Rod Stewart & Sting
  2. The Cavern Of Cardinal Richelien (Overture-Passacaille) -Michael Kamen
  3. D'artagman (Galliard & Air) -Michael Kamen
  4. Athos Porthos and Aramis (Courante) -Michael Kamen
  5. Sword Fight (Bransle) -Michael Kamen
  6. King Louis Xiii, Queen Anna and Constance-Lady In Waiting (Gavotte) -Michael Kamen
  7. The Cardinal's Coach (Estampie) -Michael Kamen
  8. Cannonballs (Rigadoon) -Michael Kamen
  9. M' Lady Dewinter (Lament) -Michael Kamen
  10. The Fourth Muskateer (Concert Royaux) -Michael Kamen
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